Thursday, 13 October 2022 12:46

A home-made way to arrange an interior

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Spring and summer are the times when the most renovations are carried out. It is during this period that we decide to repaint the apartment or buy new furniture. If we lack ideas, we suggest how to effectively refresh your apartment.

How do you know when it's time to change?

How to really know that our apartment needs renovation or refreshment. Some details can be seen with the naked eye - dirty walls or damaged furniture. It's actually a clear signal that it's time to change something. There are also other reasons why a renovation is needed, which we are not aware of at the first glance of the window. We just feel bad in the apartment, which is a sign that it is worth considering where this discomfort comes from. Then you can decide on specific changes.

What is worth changing at the beginning

What we most often decide to do is repaint the walls. Until a few years ago, in most homes white reigned on the wall, but very quickly paint manufacturers introduced new products. Currently, apart from typical emulsions, there are acrylic, latex and satin paints to choose from, they are characterized by high resistance to dirt and color durability. In this way, we can diversify our apartment by adding an additional color besides white or plan a composition. You can also apply a photo wallpaper on the wall, which has recently become extremely fashionable.

When changing the color of the wall, it is also worth considering changing the curtains, which should be matched to the color of the walls and possibly the shade of the furniture. We also recommend that you consider buying roller shutters, which will also allow you to diversify the interior and make you pick them up completely anew. In the orbit of roller blinds, we also recommend pleats or day and night roller blinds.

Apart from repainting and refreshing the walls, the furniture replacement is a bit more expensive. Arranging interiors in a specific style is associated with a considerable expense, this time we will focus on choosing contemporary furniture. Nice and modern wall units cost about a thousand zlotys, so it is not such an exorbitant price, and it is worth considering. We recommend light-colored furniture, e.g. sonoma oak or ash. This will make our apartment more spacious and more pleasant to receive.

The last element of the arrangement

The last element of the arrangement that is worth paying attention to is the selection of appropriate decorative items. You can buy them in the first hypermarket, which was not possible a few years ago. In some stores, these items are arranged in color, so we should not have any problems with choosing the right ones. Vials, flower beds and even scented candles are welcome. Many people choose covers or pillows. If we have a bench, you can choose a tablecloth for it. In fact, the specturm of choice is very broad.