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Own 4 angles insurance

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Own house, flat. Everyone's dream, which is sometimes an achievement of our lives, other times a loan for life.

Regardless of the situation, however, it is at home that we feel safest and that is where we store most of our goods. In order not to be left with anything as a result of random events, it is worth taking out insurance. Unfortunately, your own four angles are not a third party liability policy, here the decision is much more complicated. So what to do to insure your flat wisely?

 Sit in the armchair and think about it

As insurance brokers and independent insurance agencies, such as Gliwickie MultiFinancial, advise, it is worth considering at the beginning. When it comes to insuring a flat or a house, one of the worst things you can do is run to the best insurance company as soon as possible and sign the presented contract. This solution may bring more problems than benefits. Therefore, it is best to sit comfortably in an armchair or at a table with the family and reflect on our home. Where is? What's the neighborhood like? In what climatic zone does it occur? Are there rivers, mountains nearby? Is our water and electric installation new, who installed it? What kind of roof do we have at home? Do windows, doors and shutters in our house protect against wind and thieves? Do old, large trees grow in the yard? What kind of neighbors do we have around us? And so on. There are a lot of questions, but the more of them we ask ourselves and try to answer them honestly, the better we will know in which areas we should protect ourselves. Of course, let's not fall into paranoia, war or an alien attack, we do not have to expect, however, showing a certain amount of pessimism during such preparations is most appropriate.
As a warning, let here be the events of 2008, when a category 8 tornado passed near Strzelce Opolskie, wiping some villages off the face of the earth. Previously, no one expected tornadoes in this area, because there were no such phenomena, and hardly anyone insured against such an eventuality.


Reading comprehension

If we already know what we can expect and what we would like to insure our apartment against, it is worth taking a look at the offers. We can do it at home via the Internet or collect leaflets from individual insurance companies, but the best solution here is to use the services of home insurance experts. Specialists will prepare for us a comparative analysis of offers from various Insurance Companies, they will point out the difference, advantages and disadvantages of each of the proposals. Nevertheless, even the help of home insurance specialists does not absolve us from thinking and reading the contract carefully.
The contract is unequal, sometimes even depending on the package, the same insurance company can define risks differently. That's why it's so important to read it from beginning to end. Let's take it home, let's take it easy. The decision we make is about saving our lives.

There is no smoke without fire, but fire without smoke is
The above subtitle is not at all about total combustion or other chemical tasks. When reading the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance, we can sometimes meet with a really interesting definition of some phenomena. Most of us may have compensation for damage caused by a fire as compensation for property damaged in such an accident. Nevertheless, it does not have to be that way and when it comes to paying out the compensation, it turns out that we received only a fraction of the amount we were counting on. Why? It is enough that only those caused by the fire are counted for losses due to fire. So we will only get money for those elements that burned down. Furniture that stinks of smoke or a room that is blackened with soot no longer counts against this definition. Same as flooding losses during extinguishing.

That is why it is so important to read the contracts carefully. Remember that insurance companies want to earn too and never give anything for free or almost for free.